Cooling Down in Minca   After enduring the stifling heat on Colombian beaches, we were ready for some relaxation in the cool climate and serene nature of Minca. The bus ride from Santa Marta is less than an hour along a windy mountain road to the village of Minca perched at 600 meters in, Read More

  We asked our boat driver in Taganga if people surfed in Colombia. His response was kind of shocking, ‘Solo los ricos’ (only the rich people), he said. This had us thinking how the surfing lifestyle has gone from a fringe, escapist activity to full on mainstream and in some cases, elitist.

Our inspiration for visiting Colombia came from stunning pictures of Tayrona National Park. We had visions of turquoise clear waters, lying in the hammocks of Cabo San Juan, cold drinks in hand, watching the yellow orb rise and fall from the sea. Well my friends, these plans were busted wide open.

4 flights and 20 hours later, we arrived in Cartagena completely knackered. After waking from a much needed slumber, our plan was to slowly immerse ourselves into Cartagena’s old walled city which includes the districts El Centro and San Diego.

Adios 9 to 5, Bonjour World! The journey begins and the 2 Drifting Coconuts (that’s Johnny and Teo at are on the road. For all of our followers, friends, family, and future amigos, here’s a little background. Our story is about two adventurous souls living the daily grind in one of earth’s great, Read More