Hiking the Quilotoa Loop (Read here about the hike) from the tiny little village of Isinlivi to Chugchilan and onward to Laguna Quilotoa was the highlight of our time in Ecuador. Just a few hours from the bustling metropolis of Quito we had been transported into a completely different universe. And in tiny Isinlivi, Read More

Quilotoa Loop Trek If you’re like us then you prefer to plan and execute your own travel plans rather than leave it up to some travel agent or tour operator. When we heard fellow travelers rave about hiking Quilotoa Loop and how economical it is, we put this adventure on our Ecuador itinerary.

10 things to do in Quito   Wander the streets of old town: Never mind all the negative attention Quito seems to receive, it’s all rubbish. The Old Town of Quito is fascinating. The narrow cobble stone streets, architecture, history, and the modern day hustle and bustle create quite a pulse worth experiencing. Take, Read More

What We Spent in Colombia   Budget: $50 per day for 2 people Total Spent: $1596 Number of Days: 31 Average per day Spent: $51 per day for 2 people

12 Reasons to Visit Colombia   Meet the Colombian people. Everywhere we went in Colombia, local people treated us with a warmth that is difficult to explain. Unlike most places where Westerners are seen as walking ATM’s, in Colombia we felt as if locals were concerned that we were enjoying their country.

RUN FOR THE BORDER   “God could not have designed a better landscape for anarchy or guerilla outlaws…” -Robert Kaplan referring to Colombia, from Imperial Grunts.   After a tranquil week enjoying the cool mountain air in Salento we decided to make tracks for Ecuador. Bussing across Colombia we knew we weren’t gong to, Read More

We love to eat; we need to eat; food makes us feel good; food brings family, friends, and neighbors together! Since we are big fans of food, we thought we’d share some of the delicious and sometime bizarre meals from our travels.