How Much We Spent in Peru Budget: $50 per day for 2 people Total Spent: $1,306 USD Number of Days: 30 Average per day Spent: $44 USD per day for 2 people Peru is a bargain destination. We saved money by volunteering at a hostel in Huanchaco for a week with free use of, Read More

Floating Uros Islands: The Staged Act and Why You Should Go Anyway Please Exit Through the Gift Shop   Most travelers passing through Puno are en route from Arequipa to Cusco or on the way to Bolivia. We belonged to the latter group and decided to spend a day on Lake Titicaca visiting the, Read More

48 hours in Arequipa When we say we were behind schedule when our bus rolled into Arequipa, we don’t mean the bus was late. Our ‘loose’ itinerary for traveling in South America was falling apart. It was so easy to slow down in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador and soak everything in. By the time, Read More

Peruvian Ceviche: The food that makes you want to stay   The first time we came to Peru was to see Machu Pichu, we came back for the ceviche. There’s something about the ceviche in Peru that makes it so much better than everywhere else.

Santa Cruz Trek   The Santa Cruz Trail is 31 miles (50km) connecting Vaqueria and Cashapampa in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca. This tropical highland region is home to Peru’s highest mountains and some of the best hikes in the world.

Hike Laguna 69: Our Favorite Day Hike in Huaraz OK, we’ll just come right out and say it. The hike to Laguna 69 is one of our most favorite day hikes ever! Of the three day hikes we made around Huaraz, the hike to Laguna 69 is by far the most challenging and rewarding.

Pastoruri Glacier: Getting High on Pastoruri   After getting caught in a flash flood on the Laguna Wilcacocha hike, we realized we needed to contend with the weather in the Cordillera Blanca along with the altitude. We left our soaking wet hiking shoes to dry out in the hostel and signed up for a, Read More

Hiking in Huaraz: Laguna Wilcacocha We came to Huaraz, one of the top hiking destinations in the world, with one objective: to hike the  Santa Cruz trek by ourselves, no guides, no cook, no porters, and no donkeys to lug our gear. Just the two of us self-propelled across the Peruvian highlands.

Huanchaco: A Real Peruvian Surf Town   Fifteeen kilometers from Peru’s northern city of Trujillo, the delightful seaside surfing town of Huanchaco beckons travelers and locals alike. Huanchaco is the budget travelers dream. The abundance of cheap accommodations and great food at bargain prices will lure you in, problem is you may never leave., Read More