Relax in the Heart of Elqui Valley: Casa Puka Yana Bed and Breakfast Garden of Eden in Elqui Valley   Chile’s Elqui Valley is positioned adjacent to the seaside resort of La Serena, stretching into the Andean foothills. The area is well known for producing grapes, papayas, and avocados and is home to, Read More

Hungry Planet Peru There’s no hiding the fact that we have a serious crush with Peruvian Cuisine. We blog about how delicious and downright cheap Peruvian food is all the time, and we’re not going to stop. In our quest to deliver you, the reader, a selection of cuisine from every country we visit,, Read More

10 Reasons to Visit to Peru 1.  Get down and grind on some Peruvian cuisine:  In our humble opinion, Peruvian food is the best we’ve had in all of South America. There’s something they do here with the food that no other country has perfected. It’s super fresh, unbelievably tasty and very light on, Read More