Albania Report: Trekking Valbona to Thethi We had no idea that Albania is silently becoming a top European trekking destination.   On our arrival to Sarande in the arid south of Albania, we imagined we’d be sunning ourselves on Mediterranean beaches and touring weathered ruins that have survived the elements for hundreds or perhaps, Read More

Corsica:  Travels in the Beautiful Island   There’s a reason why Corsica is referred to as the beautiful isle (L’Île de Beauté), it’s absolutely stunning.  With several trips under our belts to France’s southernmost department, we can honestly say Corsica is our number one travel destination in the country.

Calvi and L’Île-Rousse:  Testing the Waters In Corsica’s Northwest   We recently made our first venture into the northwest of Corsica visiting the classy fortified towns of Calvi and L’Île-Rousse. We arrived by the miniature train (U Trinighellu) from Bastia that rattled its way along the windy mountainous track before descending into the Balagne, Read More

Bonifacio: The Jewell of Southern Corsica   Perched atop chalky white limestone cliffs, the hilltop fortress of Bonifacio on the southern coastline of Corsica is simply one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been.  Surrounded by the sparkling turquoise blue Mediterranean we succumbed to her charm and beauty and before we knew it, Read More

Oahu’s South Shore is a surfing playground.  Enjoy the dreamy sunset footage at Tongs, Diamond Head, Pops, and some glassy Rockpiles shots.  It’s the sessions like these that we miss the most.  A Hui Hou.  

We invite you to meet a cast of unique characters found no where else but here in Catania’s famous fish market.  This crew of colorful fishmongers are truly one of Catania’s hidden gems.  Come along and join us as we meet the usual suspects and the fabulous seafood sold every day (except Sunday).  For, Read More

48 Hours in Agrigento: Greek Temples, Nude Beaches and Turkish Pirates   Reaching the 8-month mark on our round the world travels we really wanted to slow down and soak up the culture and lifestyle which is exactly what we did in our month in southeastern Sicily.