Mostar, Bosnia: A Time For Healing   When we first started planning our round the world travels, we placed a big check on the walled city of Dubrovnik in Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. Having spent the better part of our summer chilling in less crowded Balkan locales, four days of Dubrovnik’s Disneylandesque ambiance left us, Read More

Share our experiences traveling through Montenegro during the hot and sultry August peak season.  We traveled up the coast from Ulcinj, Stari Bar, and Petrovac ending up exploring the Budva Riviera including the luxurious beaches of Sveti Stefan.  Join us as we climb the heights of San Giovanni Castle above Kotor Bay and finally, Read More

Just Where Is Montenegro   Montenegro is one of Europe’s smallest (and newest) countries but for what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in diverse landscape and extensive history. Lord Byron once described this postage stamp sized country as such: “At the moment of birth of planet, the most beautiful, Read More

Hungry Planet: Albania   Highlights From 3 Weeks Eating In Albania Eating in Albania is a tasty adventure. Trying to figure out just exactly what is Albanian food was more difficult than we had expected. Much of the fare was very similar to meals we had in other Mediterranean countries, especially Greece and Italy.