Sunset Lovers Guide To Koh Phi Phi   Throughout our round the world travels,  we’ve watched the sun come up and down in some pretty amazing locations and we spend quite a few evenings gazing into the fiery orb as it descends into the horizon.  This blog post is dedicated to the perpetual sunset, Read More

Return To Koh Phi Phi   We always rave to our friends about Koh Phi Phi, our favorite island in Thailand, so when we made a return visit after nearly a twelve year absence, we were shocked.  Our goal was to recapture the charming traveler vibe that we once found so alluring in this, Read More

Prague Budget Breakdown   Budget: $75 per day for 2 people Total Spent: $624 Number of Days: 7 Average per day Spent: $89 per day for 2 people

12 Inspiring Photos That Will Have You Packing For Prague ASAP   In the case of Prague, the old saying ‘a picture tells a thousands words’  couldn’t be more true. So instead of writing about how beautiful this Central European destination is or describing the way its Gothic spires and moody shadows loom in, Read More

Czech Beer Spa Experience Beer spa….aaaaaaahhhh!!! Only in the Czech Republic would you find a place that combines love of beer with holistic healing. Spending the day at the beer spa is the epitome of a man cave, but somehow drinking beer has been transformed into a pampering experience that we call beer therapy.