An Introduction To Tea Plantation Trekking   The once remote outpost of Ella in Sri Lanka’s hill country has become the unofficial backpacker capital of the tea plantation belt stretching across the island’s highlands.   Journeying aboard the rustic Sri Lankan Railways is part of the thrill. The winding track to Ella from Kandy is, Read More

The Women With Spiderweb Face Tattoos   When we booked our 20-hour bus from Mandalay to Mrauk U in Rakhine State, we had two plans. The first was to explore the temples and ruins of the former Arakan Kingdom and the second was to make a day-trip to the Chin villages along the Lemro, Read More

  Southern Thailand’s Hidden Sanctuary   Most travelers go to southern Thailand have one thing on their mind…the beach. Who can blame them. Nearing the end of two months in southern Thailand, we were clued in to the existence of Cheow Lan Lake, an enormous man-made reservoir in Khao Sok National Park where sleeping, Read More