About 2 Drifting Coconuts

Welcome to 2driftingcoconuts.com

In October 2015 we said goodby to our comfortable life in the beautiful, tropical islands of Hawaii and began our 2-year round the world odyssey. After selling all of our possessions, we boarded a jet plane saying warmest Aloha to our good friends and the beautiful islands of Hawaii we hope to return one day.

We started the 2drifingcoconuts blog to share our adventures and passions for photography and storytelling with family, friends and anyone who may be inspired to live out their dreams and explore the globe.  Whether it be searching for adventure or escaping the daily hell, travel can be a panacea for the soul.

Our travel style is mostly budget.   For some, traveling cheaply is just too uncomfortable.   Understandable. For us it’s a means to extend our travels, splurge occasionally, and basically avoid having to dig into our emergency funds. By whatever means you choose to travel, we applaud you for getting out there and seize life by the horns. When possible we will offer advice based on our experiences that may enable you to stay longer, get better deals, avoid scams and nuisances, and possibly steer you toward some new adventures and some tasty foods to sample along the way.

Join us on our adventures, hopping from one country to the next, scaling mountains, diving in crystal clear waters and eating everything in sight. Share our travel experiences as a couple through our stories and the camera’s lens. We can only hope to inspire anyone to break from the routine, and go out and see the world and its wonders.