About Us

Welcome to 2 Drifting Coconuts Travel Blog. We are Johnny and Teo, a couple who want to go see the world. We’ve been on the road for 2 years full-time; our unquenchable thirst to explore & learn still keeps us drifting.  We hope our stories will inspire you to dream, explore and discover.



Kayaking Ardege River, France

Welcome to 2driftingcoconuts.com

This blog is the brainchild of Johnny and Teo. We are two curious adventurers sharing a passion for new experiences, eating and trodding down well worn trails and exotic off the beaten path destinations. Beside travelling, photography, filmmaking, and eating exotic foods are our passions.

We live in the beautiful tropical island of Oahu, Hawaii. Having met here, one of our first dates together was a three-week trip to Southeast Asia after only knowing each other for a month. We have been inseparable since.

Share our travel experiences as a couple through our stories and the camera’s lens. We can only hope to inspire anyone to break from the routine, and go out and see the world and its wonders.

Our travel style is mostly budget.   For some, traveling cheaply is just too uncomfortable.   Understandable. For us it’s a means to extend our travels, splurge occasionally, and basically avoid having to dig into our emergency funds. By whatever means you choose to travel, we applaud you for getting out there and seize life by its horn. When possible we will offer advice based on our experiences that may enable you to stay longer, get better deals, avoid scams and nuisances, and possibly steer you toward some new adventures and some tasty foods to sample along the way.

So how do we do it? We left our jobs, packed our bags, sold most of our possessions and currently are on the road.   We firmly believe there is a great advantage to leaving one’s comfort zone, and placing oneself into the unknown.   We have, in the past, left our jobs and security blankets more than once, and the outcome, we found we were much happier and fulfilled for having done so.   Our travels have helped shape our mindsets and given us inspiration to change/refocus our professional and personal goals.   Every so often the itch gets to us and we decide that its time. Time to hit the road. So join us for our next adventure on this road we call life.