Hungry Planet: Albania   Highlights From 3 Weeks Eating In Albania Eating in Albania is a tasty adventure. Trying to figure out just exactly what is Albanian food was more difficult than we had expected. Much of the fare was very similar to meals we had in other Mediterranean countries, especially Greece and Italy.

Starting from the pristine beaches of the Albanian Riviera in the south of the country, we traveled for three weeks ending up in the stunning mountains of the Albanian Alps. We experienced so many highlights in this small Balkan country that we made a highlight reel to inspire intrepid travelers to visit this up, Read More

Part of our journey to the spectacular Albanian Alps included a 2-hour ferry ride on Komani Lake.  Komani Lake is a manmade resevoir in northern Albania, created in the 1970’s to provide hydroelectric power.  Now it is a major transportation artery connecting Skhoder with small mountain villages. The ferry ride itself was one of, Read More

Traveling in Albania was full of surprises.  We were blown away by the stunning beaches, pristine mountains and amazing clear freshwater springs and rivers.  Albanians call some of these pools (swimming holes) ‘Syri Kalter’, meaning blue eye.  We were lucky to visit two of the most well known, the Blue Eye of Saranda in, Read More

Albania Report: Trekking Valbona to Thethi We had no idea that Albania is silently becoming a top European trekking destination.   On our arrival to Sarande in the arid south of Albania, we imagined we’d be sunning ourselves on Mediterranean beaches and touring weathered ruins that have survived the elements for hundreds or perhaps, Read More