Bonifacio: The Jewell of Southern Corsica   Perched atop chalky white limestone cliffs, the hilltop fortress of Bonifacio on the southern coastline of Corsica is simply one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been.  Surrounded by the sparkling turquoise blue Mediterranean we succumbed to her charm and beauty and before we knew it, Read More

Biking Provence: Ultra Budget Bike Tour of Provence   Provence. The very word conjures up images of fragrant lavender fields, medieval hilltop villages, stone farmhouses and fields of perfectly rolled hay. We had dreamed of pedaling at our own speed through this picturesque region, soaking up the rich history and warm climate.

Château Life Exploring the Medieval Castles and Chateaus of Loire Valley   Driving the windy roads of the French countryside surrounded by fields of mustard and wildflowers is one of our favorite things to do on the continent. Making our first ever visit to France’s renowned Loire Valley, we spent a few days touring, Read More