We invite you to meet a cast of unique characters found no where else but here in Catania’s famous fish market.  This crew of colorful fishmongers are truly one of Catania’s hidden gems.  Come along and join us as we meet the usual suspects and the fabulous seafood sold every day (except Sunday).  For, Read More

We’ll show you how to prepare a simple 3-course meal using fresh, local ingredients.  Are you ready for a mouth-watering experience, then join us as we make a bruschetta antipasto followed by linguine and mussels and as a final dish, fresh baked sea bass.  Yummy! Visit our website 2driftingcoconuts.com for travel inspiration. See below, Read More

  Nothing is more relaxing than a week of sailing and yoga on the crystal clear waters of the Amalfi Coast.  Join us as we explore the picturesque fishing villages on the islands of Procida and Ventotene, the old world charm of Ischia, the glamour of Capri  and the rugged, cliffsided towns of Amalif,, Read More

Join us as we sail up the coast of Sicily on a luxury sailboat.  Anchoring near an ancient castle and the marine reserve of Isola de Ciclopi we spend the afternoon swimming in the clear Mediterranean Sea.  The Cyclopean Isles are rich in natural beauty above and below the water and are the mythical, Read More