Trekking in Torres del Paine National Park was one of the top highlights of our 6 months in South America.  Named by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful places on the planet, watch this video and you’ll agree. We completed the classic W Trek in mid-March 2016, taking the west to east, Read More

Arriving in Los Glaciares National Park in Argentine Patagonia we were welcomed by an awe inspiring sight, the massive Perito Moreno Glacier.  Watch as skyscraper sized chunks of blue ice calve into the lake below.  The whole day park rangers and scientists were talking about rupture of the ice bridge – a rare occurrence. , Read More

Perito Moreno Glacier   Traveling through Patagonia in the shoulder season, we felt as if we were racing from one destination to another trying to stay one step ahead of the weather. We broke up the bus ride from El Chalten to Torres Del Paine by stopping in El Calafate to view the world, Read More

Known for being one of the most technical treks near El Chalten not requiring special mountaineering equipment or expertise, we tackled the Huemul Circuit with fellow world travelers we met on the road.  Crossing the Rio Tunel via a Tyrolian zipline on Day 2, we entered an isolated and rugged alpine wilderness.  Join us, Read More

El Chalten Rocks! Why We Think El Chalten is the Premier Trekking Destination in South America   It’s no secret that El Chalten is the outdoor capital of Argentina. Nestled in the confines of Los Glaciares National Park, the town exists for outdoor enthusiasts. During our 10-day stopover we were on the trails for, Read More

Huemul Circuit: Our favorite hike in South America!   Clipping the climbing harness to the Tyrolian-zipline , we all became quiet, trying not to notice the knots rising from our stomachs into our throats – all that was separating us from the raging waters of the Rio Tunel 20 meters below was a stainless, Read More

The Marble Caves of Rio Tranquilo are one of Chilean Patagonia’s hidden treasures.  Located on the shore of Lago General Carrera, the caverns have been carved from limestone over thousands of years.  Entering the rocky labyrinth was one of the most surreal and eye-popping experiences of our lives. Join us as we tour this, Read More