RUN FOR THE BORDER   “God could not have designed a better landscape for anarchy or guerilla outlaws…” -Robert Kaplan referring to Colombia, from Imperial Grunts.   After a tranquil week enjoying the cool mountain air in Salento we decided to make tracks for Ecuador. Bussing across Colombia we knew we weren’t gong to, Read More

We love to eat; we need to eat; food makes us feel good; food brings family, friends, and neighbors together! Since we are big fans of food, we thought we’d share some of the delicious and sometime bizarre meals from our travels.

5 Things to do in Salento   We decided to take a week off from traveling and settled down in sleepy Salento. Aside from enjoying peace and quiet, and the cool, fresh mountain air we found Salento has a lot to offer. The following is a small list of what any traveler can expect, Read More

    Going Cuckoo in Cocora Valley   Colombia’s national tree the Andean wax palm, Ceroxylon quindiuense is an impressive and endangered palm, reaching heights of up to 200 feet. Synonymous to tourists as the tree in Dr. Seuss’s Lorax, travelers are flocking to the sleepy village of Salento in Colombia’s zona cafeterra (coffee region), Read More

  San Javier, known as “Comuna 13” has been considered one of the most dangerous crime-ridden neighborhoods in Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia. The steep, hilly landscape of Comuna 13 is partly responsible for making this area an epicenter for criminal activity, a natural fortress making it difficult for the government to, Read More

Guatape is a small town 2 hours by bus from Medellin, lying on the shore of a large manmade lake. The town’s claim to fame is its proximity to the giant rock La Piedra de Penol, a natural stone formation turned tourist attraction when a local resident built a stairway to the summit.   La, Read More

Medellin is an anomaly. Right away we were struck by its’ outright pleasantness, warm days, cool nights, modern infrastructure and easy to get around.   And that’s what made it so perplexing. How was it that not too long ago Medellin was the murder capital of the world?