Hungry Planet: Ecuador We intended to drive through Ecuador in a couple of days en route to Peru. After a few detours it took us two and a half weeks. Like the landscape we traveled, the food we ate changed region to region. In the high elevations the meals were hearty, starting with soup, Read More

What We Spent in Ecuador Budget: $50 per day for 2 people Total Spent: $771 Number of Days: 15 Average per day Spent: $51.40 UDS per day for 2 people Ecuador uses U.S. dollars for currency and prices in general were more expensive compared to Columbia. Water was one of our biggest expenses, often, Read More

How to Do Galapagos on a Budget   We recently met a couple traveling who referred to their Lonely Planet South America guidebook as the Bible. It was very cute how they always looked to the ‘Bible’ to sort out their next adventure. Sitting down to write an article on budget travel to Galapagos,, Read More

Playa Los Frailes   Ecuadorians love the beach. Each weekend they go in droves to bask in the sun, eat, drink, dance, listen to loud music and generally have a great time. Unfortunately many beaches in Ecuador suffer from pollution. A mere 12 kilometers from the touristy and trashy fishing village of Puerto Lopez, Read More

Puerto Lopez, Ecuador   Descending from the heights of Ecuador’s Andes Mountains was an adventure as our bus careened through cloudforest.  It took us a whole day to bus from Latacunga to Puerto Lopez with an overnight pitstop in Puerto Viejo.   Puerto Lopez is a fishing village with a familiar raunchy smell and a, Read More

  Hiking the Quilotoa Loop (Read here about the hike) from the tiny little village of Isinlivi to Chugchilan and onward to Laguna Quilotoa was the highlight of our time in Ecuador. Just a few hours from the bustling metropolis of Quito we had been transported into a completely different universe. And in tiny Isinlivi, Read More

Quilotoa Loop Trek If you’re like us then you prefer to plan and execute your own travel plans rather than leave it up to some travel agent or tour operator. When we heard fellow travelers rave about hiking Quilotoa Loop and how economical it is, we put this adventure on our Ecuador itinerary.