Don’t underestimate Tasmania. This small Australian state is full of surprises, from stunning seascapes and white sandy beaches to the magnificent Tasmania National Parks that preserve much of the island’s natural heritage. During our 10-day Tasmanian road trip adventure we circumnavigated Tassie exploring no less than 12 national parks including the scenic Freycinet and, Read More

Starting from the pristine beaches of the Albanian Riviera in the south of the country, we traveled for three weeks ending up in the stunning mountains of the Albanian Alps. We experienced so many highlights in this small Balkan country that we made a highlight reel to inspire intrepid travelers to visit this up, Read More

Part of our journey to the spectacular Albanian Alps included a 2-hour ferry ride on Komani Lake.  Komani Lake is a manmade resevoir in northern Albania, created in the 1970’s to provide hydroelectric power.  Now it is a major transportation artery connecting Skhoder with small mountain villages. The ferry ride itself was one of, Read More

Traveling in Albania was full of surprises.  We were blown away by the stunning beaches, pristine mountains and amazing clear freshwater springs and rivers.  Albanians call some of these pools (swimming holes) ‘Syri Kalter’, meaning blue eye.  We were lucky to visit two of the most well known, the Blue Eye of Saranda in, Read More

We invite you to meet a cast of unique characters found no where else but here in Catania’s famous fish market.  This crew of colorful fishmongers are truly one of Catania’s hidden gems.  Come along and join us as we meet the usual suspects and the fabulous seafood sold every day (except Sunday).  For, Read More

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next holiday, check out our latest video showcasing the stunning scenery of Zakynthos Greece.  Join us as we dive in the electric blue waters of the Ionian Sea and bask in the sun on the island’s pristine beaches.  We picked our top 10 amazing things to do, Read More

We’ll show you how to prepare a simple 3-course meal using fresh, local ingredients.  Are you ready for a mouth-watering experience, then join us as we make a bruschetta antipasto followed by linguine and mussels and as a final dish, fresh baked sea bass.  Yummy! Visit our website for travel inspiration. See below, Read More

Trekking in Torres del Paine National Park was one of the top highlights of our 6 months in South America.  Named by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful places on the planet, watch this video and you’ll agree. We completed the classic W Trek in mid-March 2016, taking the west to east, Read More