A Guide To Trekking EBC & Gokyo Lakes…Independently


Hiking the Khumbu Valley to Everest Base Camp was without a doubt the busiest and most crowded trail we’ve ever set foot on. Having that said, the entire trek is a stunner with iconic Himalayan peaks every direction.  The wide grins glued to the faces of ascending trekkers is a testament to the grandeur of the Himalayas. Read More

Bagan’s Best Sunrise and Sunset Locations


Chasing the orb around Bagan’s temple plain became our favorite pastime during our visit to the famed archaeological zone. Climbing at least one of the ancient temples for the extraordinary light shows should be on every world traveler’s bucket list. Read More

 An Introduction To Tea Plantation Trekking


The once remote outpost of Ella in Sri Lanka’s hill country has become the unofficial backpacker capital of the tea plantation belt stretching across the island’s highlands.   Journeying aboard the rustic Sri Lankan Railways is part of the thrill. The winding track to Ella from Kandy is rated among the world’s best train rides. Snaking through the lush mountains and precipitous terrain, the views of tidy tea plantations, eucalyptus forest, and massive waterfalls are stunning. Read More

The Women With Spiderweb Face Tattoos


When we booked our 20-hour bus from Mandalay to Mrauk U in Rakhine State, we had two plans. The first was to explore the temples and ruins of the former Arakan Kingdom and the second was to make a day-trip to the Chin villages along the Lemro River. Read More


Southern Thailand’s Hidden Sanctuary


Most travelers go to southern Thailand have one thing on their mind…the beach. Who can blame them.

Nearing the end of two months in southern Thailand, we were clued in to the existence of Cheow Lan Lake, an enormous man-made reservoir in Khao Sok National Park where sleeping in floating bungalows is the order of the day. Read More

Why Koh Surin is Our New Favorite Thai Island


Thailand’s Surin Islands, collectively as Mu Koh Surin National Park have captured our hearts,  becoming our new favorite Thai island destination. Here’s why.

While most of Thailand’s islands and beaches are becoming cluttered with tourists and the associated backwash of touts, garbage, and bad taste, Koh Surin remains a natural sanctuary where you can surrender yourself to the ebb and flow of the aquamarine Andaman Sea. Read More

The Bagan Experience


The crumbling brick temples of Bagan lie scattered across the arid plain as a ghostly monument to this once glorious capital city. The zenith of Bagan (formerly known as Pagan) was in the 13th century when 10,000 temples (some say more) graced the region.

Seismic activity has reduced the number of temples and just over 2000 remain standing. Today Bagan is a playground for the modern-day travelers armed with smartphones and DSLR’s, ready to unlock the secrets of Bagan’s mystical past. Read More

Authentic Myanmar


Stepping off the bus after a 20-hour journey from Mandalay to Mrauk U was like taking a step back in time. This was the Myanmar we had read about where dirt roads, frequent blackouts, dingy guesthouses, and swarms of mosquitos are the norm. The internet has landed here, but connectivity is minimal. Read More