The Poorman’s Guide To Visiting Sigiriya, Sri Lanka   An early morning climb up Sri Lanka’s Pidurangala Rock truly is one of the island’s hidden secrets.  We began our walk under a sky salted with stars and summited Piduranangala’s bald dome as the false dawn polished the stone with soft shadows.  The ascending orange, Read More

EBC Trekking: Altitude Sickness and Other Annoyances   The Everest region is full of dangers. The risks faced by mountaineers during summit attempts are well-known and a huge debate rages over the safety of Everest climbers with so many expedition teams on the mountain.

 Everest Base Camp: Guided or Unguided?   We hiked for 16 days in the Everest region without a guide or a porter. We carried all of our gear on our backs. A decision we made not because we are ultra cheapskates (although we are), but because we wanted to experience the mountains organically.

An Adventurous Approach To Croatia’s Luxury Island   When we decided to put our busy lives on pause and travel around the world for two years or longer, we knew the only way we could pull it off was on a strict budget. In some instances…ultra budget. So when a friend recently commented to, Read More

 A Preview Into Three of Croatia’s National Parks   The marketing department for Croatia’s National Parks has done an outstanding job.  From the majestic cascades and emerald green lakes of Plitvice to the sparkling water of the azure Adriatic and the hundreds of lazy islands, we were lured to Croatia by these scenes of, Read More

A Budget Guide To Dubrovnik In High Season   Making the Most Out of Croatia’s Scenic City in August Dubrovnik is the most expensive city in Croatia. Seasoned travelers may scoff at the mere suggestion of being anywhere near Dubrovnik in August, much less June and July. All summer long cruise ships deposit thousands, Read More

Getting the Most Out of a Day Trip From Mostar   Mostar’s highlights can easily be seen in a day, and many come here from Dubrovnik just to do that. We recommend a longer visit to enjoy the town and the surrounding countryside that includes some stunningly beautiful historical sites and perhaps the most, Read More

Mostar, Bosnia: A Time For Healing   When we first started planning our round the world travels, we placed a big check on the walled city of Dubrovnik in Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. Having spent the better part of our summer chilling in less crowded Balkan locales, four days of Dubrovnik’s Disneylandesque ambiance left us, Read More

Hungry Planet: Albania   Highlights From 3 Weeks Eating In Albania Eating in Albania is a tasty adventure. Trying to figure out just exactly what is Albanian food was more difficult than we had expected. Much of the fare was very similar to meals we had in other Mediterranean countries, especially Greece and Italy.

Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor Wild Beauty on The Adriatic Sea   The only place we had on our ‘must see’ list for Montenegro was the fortified old town of Kotor. Inspired by pictures of Kotors’ fjord-like landscapes and old-world architecture, we were drawn into the region with a magnetic pull.