How Much To Trek Everest Base Camp/Gokyo Lakes   Trekking in Nepal’s Himalayas is one experience that had been sitting on our bucket list for a long time. Finally, getting the chance to walk among the highest peaks on the planet, we can honestly say it has been one of the top hiking journeys, Read More

The Women With Spiderweb Face Tattoos   When we booked our 20-hour bus from Mandalay to Mrauk U in Rakhine State, we had two plans. The first was to explore the temples and ruins of the former Arakan Kingdom and the second was to make a day-trip to the Chin villages along the Lemro, Read More

 Travel Tales From Slovenia’s Capital City   Our first impression of Slovenia’s capital, Ljublijana, was we had landed in a European version of the Pacific Northwest.   The city’s vibrant downtown has an energetic university feel with pedestrian-only streets lining the riverfront. Among the throngs of bicycle wielding students were pockets of international travelers like, Read More

 Two Weeks Traveling in Croatia   We’ve been dreaming of traveling to Croatia for as long as we can remember, primarily to experience firsthand the amazing emerald pools and waterfalls of Plitvice and enjoy the country’s unspoiled coastline host to 1246 islands.

 A Preview Into Three of Croatia’s National Parks   The marketing department for Croatia’s National Parks has done an outstanding job.  From the majestic cascades and emerald green lakes of Plitvice to the sparkling water of the azure Adriatic and the hundreds of lazy islands, we were lured to Croatia by these scenes of, Read More

Getting the Most Out of a Day Trip From Mostar   Mostar’s highlights can easily be seen in a day, and many come here from Dubrovnik just to do that. We recommend a longer visit to enjoy the town and the surrounding countryside that includes some stunningly beautiful historical sites and perhaps the most, Read More

Exploring Wild Montenegro:  Durmitor National Park   You Can’t Always Get What You Want We envisioned fresh crisp air kissing our faces and sun rays dancing on our skin as we explore and hike the rugged and dramatic Durmitor National Park.  Our welcome to Žabljak  was a late afternoon thunderstorm with 6 degree Celsius, Read More

Starting from the pristine beaches of the Albanian Riviera in the south of the country, we traveled for three weeks ending up in the stunning mountains of the Albanian Alps. We experienced so many highlights in this small Balkan country that we made a highlight reel to inspire intrepid travelers to visit this up, Read More

Traveling in Albania was full of surprises.  We were blown away by the stunning beaches, pristine mountains and amazing clear freshwater springs and rivers.  Albanians call some of these pools (swimming holes) ‘Syri Kalter’, meaning blue eye.  We were lucky to visit two of the most well known, the Blue Eye of Saranda in, Read More

Bonifacio: The Jewell of Southern Corsica   Perched atop chalky white limestone cliffs, the hilltop fortress of Bonifacio on the southern coastline of Corsica is simply one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been.  Surrounded by the sparkling turquoise blue Mediterranean we succumbed to her charm and beauty and before we knew it, Read More