Backpacker Boat Trip From Lombok To Flores   In all honesty, we were very lukewarm about taking the 4day/3night boat trip from Lombok to Flores. We’d read the nightmarish reports of boats sinking in rough seas, cramped onboard conditions and not enough food to go around. The experience seemed like it might turn into, Read More

A Guide To Trekking EBC & Gokyo Lakes…Independently   Hiking the Khumbu Valley to Everest Base Camp was without a doubt the busiest and most crowded trail we’ve ever set foot on. Having that said, the entire trek is a stunner with iconic Himalayan peaks every direction.  The wide grins glued to the faces, Read More

 An Introduction To Tea Plantation Trekking   The once remote outpost of Ella in Sri Lanka’s hill country has become the unofficial backpacker capital of the tea plantation belt stretching across the island’s highlands.   Journeying aboard the rustic Sri Lankan Railways is part of the thrill. The winding track to Ella from Kandy is, Read More

The Bagan Experience   The crumbling brick temples of Bagan lie scattered across the arid plain as a ghostly monument to this once glorious capital city. The zenith of Bagan (formerly known as Pagan) was in the 13th century when 10,000 temples (some say more) graced the region. Seismic activity has reduced the number, Read More

Prague Budget Breakdown   Budget: $75 per day for 2 people Total Spent: $624 Number of Days: 7 Average per day Spent: $89 per day for 2 people

12 Inspiring Photos That Will Have You Packing For Prague ASAP   In the case of Prague, the old saying ‘a picture tells a thousands words’  couldn’t be more true. So instead of writing about how beautiful this Central European destination is or describing the way its Gothic spires and moody shadows loom in, Read More

48 Hours in Agrigento: Greek Temples, Nude Beaches and Turkish Pirates   Reaching the 8-month mark on our round the world travels we really wanted to slow down and soak up the culture and lifestyle which is exactly what we did in our month in southeastern Sicily.