Haputale: Authentic Sri Lanka Hill Town   We’re not big tea drinkers, but seeing as how Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands produce some of the world’s most highly sought after tea leaves, we made plans to visit the iconic Dambetenne Tea Plantation.

  Top Photography Locations in Budapest   When choosing our travel destinations, we often get inspiration from stunning images we see on Instagram or any number of travel blogs we frequent. If you’re like us and prefer to collect stunning photographs of your travels, we want to share some of our favorite shooting locations, Read More

Venice:  Photos That Will Stir Up Your Wanderlust   We spent two months early in the summer traveling through Italy and we absolutely fell in love with the country. We were lapping it up; train rides through the rolling Tuscan hills, sailing the azure blue Tyrrhenian Sea around Amalfi,  and soaking up the stunning, Read More

 Two Weeks Traveling in Croatia   We’ve been dreaming of traveling to Croatia for as long as we can remember, primarily to experience firsthand the amazing emerald pools and waterfalls of Plitvice and enjoy the country’s unspoiled coastline host to 1246 islands.

Exploring Wild Montenegro:  Durmitor National Park   You Can’t Always Get What You Want We envisioned fresh crisp air kissing our faces and sun rays dancing on our skin as we explore and hike the rugged and dramatic Durmitor National Park.  Our welcome to Žabljak  was a late afternoon thunderstorm with 6 degree Celsius, Read More

  Arriving in Copacabana was a breath of fresh air compared to the manufactured tourism on display in Puno. The Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca is chill, and Isla del Sol even more so.