Haputale: Authentic Sri Lanka Hill Town   We’re not big tea drinkers, but seeing as how Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands produce some of the world’s most highly sought after tea leaves, we made plans to visit the iconic Dambetenne Tea Plantation.

Surfing Sri Lanka   Sri Lanka has all the necessary ingredients for a world-class surf trip. Clear tropical water, coconut palm lined beaches, and a scattering of surf breaks ranging from sandy bottom beach breaks to fast-peeling shallow reefs. During two weeks on the coast, we can definitely say that Sri Lanka’s surf lived, Read More

  Arriving in Copacabana was a breath of fresh air compared to the manufactured tourism on display in Puno. The Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca is chill, and Isla del Sol even more so.

Adios 9 to 5, Bonjour World! The journey begins and the 2 Drifting Coconuts (that’s Johnny and Teo at 2driftingcoconuts.com) are on the road. For all of our followers, friends, family, and future amigos, here’s a little background. Our story is about two adventurous souls living the daily grind in one of earth’s great, Read More